Saturday, December 10, 2011

Assessment Tools

Assessments are a vital component for a high-quality early childhood program.  They are an important tool in understanding and supporting young children's development.


Portfolio is a purposeful collection of student work that exhibits the student efforts, progress, and achievements.

They help to reveal skills and understanding of each student.
Include in your portfolio
Lacing Sample
Child initiated writing Sample
Child initiated drawing Samples
Patterning Samples
Sorting Samples
Shape Sorting Samples
Size Seriation Samples

Portfolios can be made out of
Pizza Boxes
Hanging File Folders with box
Large Mailing Envelopes
Tag board Folders
Binders with sheet protectors

Sample of a Pizza Box Portfolio

Sample of using pocket folders that have been binded together

Sample of using a tag board folder and file system

Fine Motor Skills
Click on the above links for printable check list that I use to help meet my assessments.

Samples of cutting activities that I include in my portfolios.
*Envelopes with magazine cuttings.
*Line cuttings.  

Sample of lacing activity that I include in my portfolios.

Math Skills

Sample activity that is included in the portfolios to show children's shapes knowledge and classification skills.

 Sample activity included in portfolio to show children's knowledge of size seriation.
 Sample activity included in portfolios to show children's knowledge of patterning.  Include samples of ABAB, ABCABC, AABBAABB, AABAAB and AABBCCAABBCC patterns.

School Readiness Skills

What are school readiness skills?

Cognitive development and early literacy are important for children’s early success in school, but other areas of development are equally important.

When it comes to school readiness skills we have to look at the whole child.
 Motor development
Social and Emotional development
Language development
Early literacy development
Cognitive development
Enthusiasm for learning

Children entering school with a wide range of knowledge will lead to early success in school.

You can download an assessment  packet bellow for school readiness skills

Another way to help out with the assessment process is to use check list of areas that you are assessing.  Here is a assessment checklist packet that you can download.

These can also be found of Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook for free.


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