Monday, December 6, 2010

I've Been On The Move


I have been away from the classroom over the last few weeks and will continue to be away from the classroom until the beginning of the year.

Here is what I have been doing:

• Going around to all the classrooms in our program 16 to be exact, where we serve 560 children.

• I have been conducting ECER’S and ELLCO’S with all the teachers and sitting down with them as a group to writ their program goals for the year. We are using the findings from the ECER’S, ELLCO and their Desired Results to come up with their individual goals for their classroom.

• Once all the findings from all the classrooms have been found a group of 3 will sit down and write the goals for the whole program based on the findings in the individual classrooms. The program goals will then be submitted to the State for future funding.

It is a lot of work, but I really enjoy going around to all the classrooms and see what great things are happening in the classrooms. It is a great time to gain valuable knowledge and ideas from other seasoned teachers. I always say, “That great teachers are made by the teachers next door.” (Always learning from one another)

Here are some things that have been coming up as some of us go from classroom to classroom:

We are a group of 16 teachers, but some of us are in our first year teaching and some of us are going on 30 years of teaching experience.

• What classroom rules do you have?
• What does your classroom schedule look like?
• How do you organize everything?
• Where are you getting your extra supplies and materials to help keep the children engaged?
• How do you handle disciple?
• Do you use time out?
·  How do handle transitions through out the day?

Since I am away from the classroom I will be taking this time to answer these questions over the next few weeks. I will also be sharing ideas that are coming from other wonderful teachers on our teaching staff.


  1. Tami, I've found your posts very interesting. It sounds like you are doing some wonderful work. I too do ECERS and set goals with teachers. I've found it a great quality improvmement tool. Thanks for sharing your experiences!


  2. I am a first year preschool teacher and have found your sight extremely helpful and informative. Thank you for taking the time to post this information!!!!



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