Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Creating an Effective Learning Environment

I started this process of redesigning all of my learning centers about a year ago.  I sat down and really took a look at the Preschool Learning Foundation and the Common Core Standards. I wanted to ensure that I was providing children with the most effective learning environment that I could.   

Here is a before picture of my home living center.  Not much to write home about or now days pin about. 

 Here is our classroom home living center now.

 You won't believe this but I did not have to spend a dime to create this.  You ask how?  These walls were in the surplus (items that have been removed from other areas of the school and placed in storage).  All I had to do was dig them out.  Once we dug out the walls we discover that they were too tall, did I give up goodness no I just kept on singing.  Our administrator found a local cabinet maker that would cut then down for us, just because he liked us or should I say her.

 A local artist came in and painted a window to give me the allusion of having a window since there are no windows in my classroom.  Now I can pretend to be looking out onto the Sutter Buttes.

 When we redesigned the home living area we wanted to give the children a more real feel to their pretend play, so we got rid of all the small play dishes and brought in real size plates, bowls, cups and real pots and pans.  This way all of the pretend food fits like it should as they play.

 Rain gutters were hung on the walls of the home living center to provide a resting spot for cook books which promotes the literacy/language into the area (ELLCO).  Also clipboards, menus, and newspapers were added to the area to enhance the children's learning experience.

If you want to take the challenge and redesign your classroom we strongly suggest that you take a look at our Classroom Design Workbook to help you with the overwhelming, but rewarding process.  This workbook will help guide you step by step through the process as well as coming up with goal for each learning center.

Here is a freebie to dress up your home living center.  Just click on the links below.


  1. What a bright and inviting classroom. Renee

  2. Great work, the education system over the years have less importance towards creativity and innovation and is rather more focused on what is already identified and known.

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