Friday, December 4, 2009

Bubbles, Bubbles and More Bubbles

Today we sat out dish pans with dish soap in them so the children could wash dolls and other things in the play house area. Instead it turned into a bubble experiment. The children brought different items from around the classroom to see if they could blow bubbles with them. Some of the items were successful and some were not. One child discovered that she could blow the best bubbles just using her hands. Once the others saw that she was making large bubbles they all started blowing bubbles. We need more dish pans!!!

Bubble Painting/Prints

Bubble blowing turned into bubble prints. We filled bowls with water, milk and food coloring. The children blew into the mixture with straws and watched the bubbles rise. Once they got a mountain of bubble they placed a white sheet of paper on top, making bubble prints. We had different colors in each bowl so as they went around to table they layered the different colors on top of one another, which made wonderful designs.

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