Thursday, August 26, 2010

All About Me

The new year has gotten off to a great start. We started the school year off by learning everything we could about one another. The first thing we did was to trace all the children’s bodies onto butcher paper and rolled them up and sent them home for the family to create a life size poster all about their child.
When they started coming back we where amazed at how the families took time with their children to create a life like representation of their child. Each child had a turn to explain how they created their life size picture of themselves and why they chose certain things that represented themselves. Here are a few of the posters.
One of our fist small group projects was for each child to draw a self portrait. We found at the local dollar tree small table top mirrors. Each child looked into the mirror and drew a picture.

We had a discussion about different feeling. After the discussion we had the children tell us how they were feeling and we graphed what they said.


  1. So perfect! We are going to be doing that our second week, thanks!

  2. LOOOOOOVE these ideas. I generally do the body tracing and I have been thinking about what I could do as a general 'who am I' and came up with bringing pictures etc from home. This combines both - brilliant! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Thank you. We are going to post up all the body tracings around the entrance of the school for back to school night.

  4. Wonderful idea. Could you share the info letter that went home to parents? if so, please email me @ thanks for sharing . This is wonderful.

  5. If you email me at I will send you that letter. I have it on my computer at work. So I will have to do it tomorrow.

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