Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dental Month

We used a large mouth with teeth to show the children how to bursh and floss their theet. They could not wait to come up and give it a try.
We mad mouth mat and laminated them for durability. The children used them with white play dough and made teeth to go around the mouth. We also used the same mouth mats with dice white math cubs. The children rolled the dice identified the number on the dice and counted out the math cubs and placed them on the mouth mat.

Painting with tooth brushes.

Tooth number bingo game that we created with clip art.

Look at what they are writing in the writing center.


  1. Kudos to you for actually incorporating this theme into all aspects of your classroom instead of just reading a book about it and thinking that was enough! :) -S

  2. Wow, It's good to see how the children are educated when it comes to proper dental hygiene.
    Dentist in st Petersburg visited my son's school and also conducted a small activity to inform them regarding their teeth. My son enjoyed the event. He even asked me to buy him a new toothbrush.



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