Friday, December 31, 2010

Wish List Window Ad

We all need a lot of consumables items for our classroom to give the children we teach the best learning environment possible.

Here is one of the ways that helps keep my consumable pantry full. I make a sign with dollar store items that we could use for up coming projects and I post it in the window looking out. Parents have the opportunity to look at the wish list while they wait to come in at the beginning or end of the day. I have always had a dollar store wish list that was posted by the sing In/Out sheets, but never had gotten much of a response. Once I put up the window ad I got items the following day.

So if your are in need of items to insure your classroom has the best learning environment possible think about put up your own window Ad.


  1. ohh- I LOVE this idea! I must spend hundreds at the $ store! :) silly people calling it the dollar store...just means you buy more! Tami- thanks for the idea!

  2. Ooh, that's a great idea! What a great way to get important materials for a little bit of money.



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