Monday, December 26, 2011

Language, Literacy and Art Fun with Snowmen

Letter Writing Practice Sheets

For more language and literacy ideas go to Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook and get the whole snowman packet.  Here is what you would find in the Language, Literacy and Art Fun with Snowmen.

With this 77 page Language, Literacy and Art Fun with Snowmen your students will be identifying letter names and sounds, distinguish between print and pictures, understand that letters are grouped to form words and that print carries meaning with these fun language and literacy center ideas.  This packet also includes art ideas, science idea and sensory table ideas.
This Packet Includes:
Shared Reading
Snowman Wore Pocket Chart Story
Snowman letter Sound Cards
Word Wall Cards
Snowman Picture, Letter, Word Sorting Game
Snowman Letter Match
Snowman Letter Sound Matching Cards
Snowman Letter Bingo
Snowman Letter Stamp
Letter Writing Practice Sheets
Snowman Write and Wipe Cards
Snowman Art Center Ideas
Winter Sensory Table Ideas
Winter Science Center

Pre-K - 


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