Sunday, April 14, 2013

Encouraging Rich Discussion

Teachers need to ask questions to improve learning.   Asking questions that engage children to freely express their knowledge, ideas and feelings.

Actively-Seeking-Knowledge card (A.S.K. Cards) provide teachers, aides and parent volunteers with the tools to do just that.  These cards will help adults in the classroom ask engaging questions that will:

-  Improve language skills
-  Encourage learning
-  Promote thinking
-  Expand language
-  Improve reasoning ability
-  Creativity
-  Build knowledge
-  Promote growth

Rich discussions doesn't just happen, but it will happen when you use these A.S.K. cards.  These cards can be easy placed in your small group work trays so that when adults are sitting with children they have the tools need to ask those questions that will lead to rich discussions every time.

 I have these cards placed in every small group tray.  This ensures that no matter who is sitting with the children at the table they will be able to encourage a full meaningful conversation with the children.
My parent volunteers especially like these A.S.K. cards because they feel that they are better prepared to involve themselves in the learning process. 

Questions that can be found on the cards are as follows

Open Ended Questions
How and Why Questions
Encourage Problem Solving
Encourage Prediction
Encouraging Classifying - Comparing
Questions to Foster Creative Thinking

You can find these Actively -Seeking- Knowledge Cards at CM School Supply.

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