Monday, May 2, 2011

Math Rich Preschool Classroom Environment Part 2

When teaching young children about math it is important to bring those math skills alive for them.  It is easy to do if you use a variety of learning tools that will capture their attention to help teach the new skills.

Provide plenty of materials through out the classroom that are meaningful to children, so that they will want to turn their early spontaneous mathematical play into an awareness of mathematical concepts and skills. 

Pocket Charts that can be played with and moved around.

Math Books in areas that will help them experiment with and explore math.
This is a pizza book that is found in the play dough area.  It reads I can make a ½ of a pizza.  I can make a ¼ of a pizza and so on.

Math Book in the Block Area

This book helps them to find and build with different shapes and sizes.

Math with the Group

Providing different types of math during group discussions
Providing different types of measuring tools

Measuring tools can be found in the block area, dramatic play, science area, math center, sensory table and writing area.
Math Games

Providing different types of math games; these games can be used during small group and at play.  Math games give children the opportunity to count and compute.

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