Saturday, September 24, 2011

Packed with Apples

This is the time of the year that I just love.    
Seeing children picking apples off trees or even just the branches that are brought in for them to be able to pick their own apples and observe how they hang from the tree.

Watching them make apple sauce by peeling apples with an apple peeler corer and then being able to pull the apple apart and into a bowl

I love smelling apple sauce cooking in the classroom on that day it smells of apple pie

And the children can not wait to be able to dig in and try it
I love to see their version of an apple made out of paper bags and paint or cut paper and glue
I love to see their excitement that they have their own life size tree in their classroom with their apples on it 
I love to see their ideas form that they need to make leaves for the tree because apple trees have leave and how they where going to do it 
I love to see them doing projects over and over just because they want to 
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