Monday, September 19, 2011

Building Math Skills with Pocket Charts

When teaching about math at circle time I find that it is helpful if I use a pocket chart so that the children can be more involved in the process. Children are able to come up and move the number cards around until they are able to have them in the proper order and as they place the cards in proper order they will discover that the numbers have also created a math pattern.
Pocket charts are a sure way to engage children in learning about numbers and patterns.  These pocket chart printed number cards with a pattern sequence are an interactive way to teach children about number order and pattern 1 through 30.  With these pocket chart cards children can practice putting numbers in order and as they master putting the numbers in order they will discover that they are also creating patterns with the cards. These fun illustrated number cards are sure to make learning about numbers fun.

Patterns that are used in the fall theme number cards are (ABAB, AABB, ABC, AABAA, and AABBCC)

You can find these pocket chart number pattern cards on Teachers Pay Teachers for $2.75 the booklet includes 5 pocket chart number cards 1 - 30 that can be used during large group or for small group activities.
 Booklet Includes
Apples (ABC Pattern)
Pumpkins and Crows (AABB Pattern)
Scarecrows (ABAB Pattern)
Monsters (AABBCC Pattern)
Leaves (AABAA Pattern)


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