Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Fun Ideas

For safety of the children ask parents before
beginning this unit about Nut allergies.

Nut Roll Painting
Nut Painting Get a supply of wide but shallow cardboard boxes.  Have the children lay a sheet of construction paper inside of the box and place paint covered nuts on the paper.  Have the children move the box back and forth allowing the nuts to roll around on the paper.  Children can dip the nuts in paint again until they get the design they wish on the paper. Hang to dry.
Fall leaf Print Quilt Board
Fall Leaf Prints
Leaf Prints  Have the children paint leaves with different fall colors.  Once the leaf is covered in paint have them flip that leaf over onto white construction paper.  Next have them lay a second sheet on top and then have them rub the top of the paper with their hands.  Once they are done rubbing have them lift the top sheet of paper off and then the leaf.  Let dry.  Hand on a board close together and it will look like a fall quilt on your wall.

Fall 3-D Art Tress
Make Your Own Tree Let the children create their own tree out of toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, craft sticks, construction paper, brown paper bags, masking tape, real sticks, pipe cleaners, and any other items you can think of to use for a tree.  Give children a supply of glue, cardboard squares and tape.  Allow the children to crate a tree as they see a tree.  Remember that art is the process not the product.

Paper Plate Fall Color Collage
Nature Collage Place the contents of the brown lunch bags from the children’s walk in the center of a table.  Have a supply of construction paper, paper plates, shoe boxes, shoe box lids and cardboard so the children can chose what they want to use.  Give each child glue and scissors and have them create their own nature collage.

Leave a link that shows all your Fall Fun ideas and lets plan together.


  1. I love your acorn/nut painting idea! I think we are going to have to try that out later this week!

  2. It is a fun one because the children are not sure where the nut is going to roll.



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