Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Story Telling Apron

I finally found my story telling apron for the Little Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly (it has been missing in action since I did a workshop at CAEYC). This year I have a lot of English Language learners and when it comes to story telling for them it is really important to have props to go with the story so that they have a better understanding of the story. So since I found this story telling apron I used it today to retell the story and they loved it. It was the first time this year that I was able to keep the interest of all the children and for them all to have an understanding of the story as well as all the vocabulary.
How to make the apron

I took an old apron that I had and sewed a pink patch right where the stomach would be. Next I cut a clear plastic table cloth about two inches bigger than the pink patch and sewed it on top of the pink area making a large pocket pouch on the apron.

Once I had my apron I found small stuffed animals for all the animal parts, a old lady hat and a pair of reading glasses.

How do you use the apron to tell the story

First thing I do is put on my hat and glasses in front of the children. I then place all the animals on the floor and ask them if they know what story I’m going to be telling. When they guess I start to tell the story. As I go I see if the children can recall the story by tell me which animal is next and have that child find the animal and I then pretend to eat it by placing each animal in the pouch of the apron. They can observe the stomach getting bigger and bigger. With the spider I place a string on it so that I can wiggle it inside. The children will chant the story as we go.

Watch out they will have you tell this story over and over. They love it!

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