Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nuts, Bolts and Washers

I love that my husband is a Contractor!  It gives me an endless supply of items to bring into the classroom.  Especially when these items are real, the children seem to enjoy them that much more.  Have you ever noticed that when you bring something out that the children have seen an adult use it keeps their attention longer?    The nuts, bolts and washers that I found so freely in my husbands garage have turned into the best learning tool.
We place them on activity trays and the children have to place the right washer and nut onto the bolt.  It is a great way to build on fine motor skills, and size serration skill.  You will find that when you bring out these trays you will have to drag the boys away form it.
We also use these nuts, bolts and washer for weighing activities.
Supervision is needed when using small items like these.

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