Saturday, March 5, 2011

Science Discoveries

Discovering the world around you!

Young children’s innate curiosity about investigating their world makes them natural scientists.

Young children are born scientists, whose boundless curiosity and developing skills give them the motivation and capability to investigate and better understand their world.

To learn about science is to….

• Learn how to think
• The abilities to comprehend
• To Apply
• To Analyze
• To Synthesize
• To Evaluate

To learn about science is essential for higher-order of thinking and problem-solving skills. These skills are needed to form the foundation of all learning.

When we teach preschool children science we are teaching the skills children will need throughout their lives to think about a problem and to explore its possible answers.

When teaching science to preschoolers you are also incorporating Math, Literacy and Motor Skills.

As we teach children to “experience” science, remember that it’s an approach to learning and life.

These science activities are designed to be open-ended. Remember that hands on learning, is the most appropriate way for children to explore and learn about their world.

Color Rain/Color Mixing

Discovering Goop

Discovering Bones

Making Discovery Bottles

Rain Meter

Observing Snails

Observing Worms

Ice and Rock Salt Experiment

Exploring Bubbles

Environments which facilitate exploration, cultivate creativity, encourage wonder and problem solving, are environments that plant the seeds for a love of life long learning.

Our job is to connect the experiences to the concepts in a manner that allows the children to be actively involved in their explorations and discoveries about the world around them.


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