Thursday, April 19, 2012

Water Wall

I have finally made one, I have been dreaming of making one of these for a long time and here it is.

 I need to make a few design changes like place items on both sides of the board so that more children can utilize it at the same time.

Back side picture

Now I need to make at least one more since it is such a huge hit and the weather is getting warm here, what better way to stay cool?

Here is what I used to make it

1 sheet of Plexiglas 2 X 3
1” PVC pipe
2 90 pipe fittings
4 T shape pipe fittings
20 nuts and bolts.
Zip ties to attach the Plexiglas to the PVC frame 

Original Idea came from Share & Remember   


  1. Awesome! I want this for our playground!

  2. How much and where did you purchase the plexi glass from?

  3. Thanks for this great inspiration! I included a link to it in my “Ultimate Guide to Water Tables”



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