Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Peek At Our Week

We have been very busy with pumpkin science projects like sink and float, what's inside a pumpkin and what will happen?   

What is inside a Pumpkin?

 What will happen?

After the children were done exploring what was inside the pumpkin we cut up the pumpkin and placed the pieces inside a glass jar.  What had the children predict what they thought would happen to the pumpkin inside the jar.

We will keep you post with pictures at what is happening to our pumpkin.

Pumpkin Art

 Pumpkin Letter Bingo

 Sound Sorting with Scarecrow

 Sammy Scarecrow pocket chart story

 Crow Art

Some of the crows are watching our science area from a tree.

 Scarecrows to scare the crows away

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