Thursday, October 18, 2012

Small Group Trays

When it comes to teaching young children you have to be prepared or mishaps and problems will occur.  One way to keep things running smoothly is having everything ready and at your fingertips.  Small group trays are one way you can be prepared for your little ones.

In my class each color group has a color tray.  Each tray has name plates, letter formation directions (Treasures) and a caddy with all the essentials.  (scissors, dry erasable markers, colored pencils and crayons)

Each group has a different activity that gets rotated throughout the week.  Everything that is need for that activity fits perfectly in each groups tray.  We just have to grab and go.


  1. What kind of activities do u put in the tubs?


  2. All of my small group activities. ABC bingo, sound sorting games, say it, count it, write it math games any thing that we will be working on for the week. Each group gets rotated daily.

  3. Where did you get the color trays?



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