Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our Community Art

Children created community building in the creative art area.  Name cards were placed on the table as the children were working, this allowed them to be able to name their buildings.  

Community Helper project, children were provided a sheet of paper and a circle drawn on different shades of brown.  Children cut out the circle and glued to the sheet of paper provided.  Children had different types of clothes, accessories and yarn for hair to choose from to create the community helper of choice.  Next they used markers to add arms, legs and facial features.

Nurse and Police Officer

Doctor and Firefighter

Baker and Cal trans Worker 

Firehouse with firefighters

Bakery and Hospital with staff

 If you are looking for some community helper or transportation ideas to change it up you can find those ideas in the 127 lesson plan bundle on Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook

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  1. love this! do you have the patterns for the bodies of the helpers?



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