Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent teacher conferences are an excellent opportunity for teachers and families to share information and concerns.  Conferences should be held twice a year during the Fall and Spring Semester.
The parent teacher conference is a time for listening and communicating openly.  It is a time for the teacher to share the child’s strengths, but the conference also offers an opportunity to point out areas in which the child may need special emphasis.  Teachers should provide families with activities that will help their child with writing letters, stringing beads or practicing cutting skills to improve fine motor skills and other areas in which they can help to prepare their child for kindergarten or beyond.
Notify families well in advance so they can plan for their parent teacher conference.  Families should receive a letter or postcard to make an appointment during the scheduled parent teacher conference times.  Then close to the time for the conference, send out a reminder note to remind them.  The conferences will take about 15 to 20 minutes.  Other parent teacher conferences can be arranged as needs occur. 

When families arrive for the conference greet them in a friendly manner and have your information prepared and ready to share.  (School Readiness Assessment sheet, progress report, portfolio and observation notes)

Here is a parent letter that will help you get your parent conferences scheduled.  Just click on the picture to download your copy.

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