Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pet Clinic Dramatic Play

Dramatic play is an essential part of children's learning.  It allows children to develop skills in such areas as literacy, language, math, social emotional, cognitive, and writing.

Providing children with different types of dramatic play can be a challenging and time consuming.  Try to find one storage unit that can be changed easily without having to change the whole home living center.
This dramatic play stand is not in my home living center but rather right outside the area.  It allows me to be able to change out the role play theme easily and often to give children the opportunity to act out different types of life experiences.  

Here it is turned into a Vet Clinic.  Children can play on both sides of this unit to extend the play.  

Children negotiate what roles they will be playing.  Vet, customer, vet assistant and even groomers.

Writing in the dramatic play area happens naturally when providing signs and prescription pads on clip board. 

 Children learn to care for the animals by feeding them and walking them.

Props provided in the vet clinic where
Doctor Tools
Stuffed Animals (dogs, cats, lizards, turtles, mice, and snakes)
Dog Treats
Collars and Leashes
Food and Water Bowls

The Vet Clinic printable kit can be found on Vanessa Levin Pre-K Pages

 She has many other dramatic play themes to chose from.  They are easy and quick to use to transform you dramatic play space into something magical.

More Pet ideas can be found from Learning and Teaching with Preschoolers in the Pet Shop lesson plan theme bundle, also available is a Lap Book to Big Book Doggy in the Window.


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