Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Celebration

Donuts for Dads went off with a bang!

My dad's kept telling me, that we always do things for the moms but not for the dads.  When was it going to be their turn.  My answer...

Just wait until Father's Day 

 Dads came Friday morning to drop off children and celebrate father's day with donuts for dads.

What was on the menu?

Donuts of course.  We had donuts, donut holes, coffee and milk.

 Donuts were placed in brown lunch bag and then made into a man's shirt with tie.

 While the dads were there the children presented them with their handmade gift and card.

 You can get everything you need for a Father's day celebration in the Donuts for Dads packet on Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook.


  1. Nice creativity of little kids, I am also a teacher in Phoenix preschool and I like this way to teach students in kindergarten. Thanks for sharing this blog post!

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  3. Great way to incorporate dads! I really liked the bagged doughnuts. The theme was so cute doughnuts for dad. I imagine all the dads loved it!

  4. Awesome creativity by little kids,
    thankx for sharing such post..

  5. I think this is a awesome idea for father's day. Very creative and good to see that preschools do involve dads. My son attends this preschool in Dubai and they too have some fun activities for the Dad's participate.

  6. I really like your creativity that you put into your preschool class. I think that it's a great idea to have all of the dads get together with their kids for donuts to celebrate Father's Day. The brown paper bags with the decorated bow ties was a very nice touch. Thanks for the post!
    Bill Li |



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