Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hamburger Farm Tour

We went to a working farm

Bishop's Pumpkin Farm in Wheatland has tours for kids of the working farm during the off seasons.

What a great way for the children to learn about where a hamburger comes from.

All Aboard 

 We took a train ride out to where all of the ingredients to a hamburger is grown.

Fist Stop 

 Each child was able to grind their own hand full of wheat into flour as they stood next to a wheat field.  What do we use the wheat for?  Buns of course.

Next stop was a cucumber and lettuce patch.

Let's not forget

Eye watering onions

 Who wants cheese on that burger?

 We even dug up potatoes and cut them into french-fries.

We ended our day with a hamburger lunch.  Yum! Yum!

Find a local working farm in your area and the children will not be disappointed guaranteed. 

For more farm fun learning go to Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook to find these fun farm units of study.


  1. Such a fun field trip! I'm sure they loved it and will think of it every time they have a hamburger for the rest of their lives! Great idea, thanks for sharing!

    Learn + Play = PreK

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