Sunday, September 16, 2012

Friendship Week

This week we have been working on how to be a good friend.  We started the unit off with a printable book by Kristen Chapman called Happy Friends are Super Friends

Super  Friend Printable Book

The children loved having this book read to them and how we were all Super Friends, so after reading the book we made our own super friends during our workstation time.

We also read this book again to the children throughout the week at our small group time and then they had to draw a picture of being a super friend and what they would do to be one.

I thought I took pictures of the writing project but did not sorry.  Here is a picture and a download of our writing worksheet.

Currently we are also working on shapes so the children also made shape friends at the math workstation. The children had to identify the shapes they used for a check list assessment and portfolio item.  

Free Download

Children also went to the creative art center and made their friends and named them. 


  1. I love this idea! Did you cut the shapes or do you have the kids do all the cutting?

  2. We did all of the cutting and did it during small group time.



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