Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Parent Helper Totes

This year I have started a parent helper tote system.

 These totes are placed right under the sign in and out area.  Parents can pick a tote that contains different tasks that parents can do at home to help with their child's classroom.  This is very helpful to me since all of my parents are working parents.  (They have to be working in order to eligible for the program)

 One of the most busiest tote box is the Pencil Sharpen   box.  This box makes it home to one helpful parent every night.  In the box is an electric pencil sharpener and pencils that need to be sharpened from the writing center, small group baskets and other areas that we always have pencils for the children to use.

Another helpful parent tote is our monthly Book Order.  This tote goes home once a month to the same parent.  At the beginning of the year I had my families fill out a parent volunteer questioner, this gave me information on which parents were willing to take on different classroom jobs for me. 

 Here is a list of the tote boxes that we currently have up and running in our classroom.

Pencil Sharpen Helper
Check Marker Helper
Booklet Maker Helper
Book Order Helper
Glue Bottle Washer
Public Library Helper

To download Tote Box Labels for free go to...

 You can find more classroom management ideas and forms in my Classroom Management Theme Packet on


  1. How does the public library tote work?

  2. The parents go to the public library and check out theme related books for us to use in the classroom. I will put a list of current or up coming themes in the box so that the parents know what kinds of books to look for.

  3. That is a great idea Tami! :)



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