Monday, September 17, 2012

Take Home Book Bags

It has been proven that reading to children daily is one of the most effective ways we can help children become successful readers.  What better way to get our families reading to their children daily then by providing them with fun and engaging books.  The take home book bag program does just that for our families.   Some of the families might have limited access to books, so by providing them with this resource it will help them to be involved in their child's education . 

I like to have 15 to 20 book bags available for families weekly.  The book bag resource shelf is hanging right next to where families sign their children in/out daily.  The book bags are rotated with seasonal and theme related books about every two weeks.

Each bag contains book, note book, crayons and storytelling props.  This gives the family a variety of books to choose from.

A check out list sits right next to the book bags.  Parents write down which book bag they have taken and the date.  When they return them they write down the date they returned the bag.  It is an honor system.
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