Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wild Animal Unit

We started our Wild Animal Unit off with a Bang!

To start off our unit on Wild Animals we brought in an organization called Wildlife Education.

This by far was the best assemble we have ever had for children.  They were informative at a level that all the children could understand and have fun. 

These animals have been rescued

All of the animals that he brought for the children had a story to go along with them 

Stories of where they had been rescued from along with where the animals natural environments should be.

Some animals were exotic animals and some were native to our area.

 Our favorite the hedgehog. Too Cute!

 The largest
an alligator

 The smallest
 hissing cockroaches
brave kids didn't even jump when he saw what was on his back.

Best of all

we all got to pet the alligator.

A day I am sure none of them will forget.

We will be following up our show with our unit on the zoo.

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  1. Oh my gosh, how fun!! I loved that you had someone come in to actually let the kids see the animals. Loved the alligator and hedgehog! I have the heebie geebies from just looking at the hissing cockroaches! Yuck!!

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