Monday, February 7, 2011

Bring nature inside!

Complement your indoor environment by bringing the outdoors in.  There is more than one way to bring nature inside than with just plants.  You can have the children start nature collections.  We have started a bird nest collection and have placed them in clear jars so that the children can observe them.  We have also placed a large branch in an area so that we are able to place nest in so that the children can see how birds place them up in trees.

The children have also started a collection of acorns. Children are able to collect the acorns from our outdoor environment since we have different types of trees that make acorns. They are able to sort the different varieties.

Children today do not get enough time playing with nature’s objects to create and build with. That is why I feel that it is important to not only add items from nature to the science area but to also provide the children with nature’s objects in the block area and other areas through out the classroom.

You will find in our block area drift wood, stones and pine cones.  As we find items that would be good for building we add to our building collection. 

Playing with sunflowers and different plastic bugs.

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  1. I agree with Jenny. That branch is wonderful, and kids are just fascinated with birds nest.

  2. The bird nest and other nature collections are great. I like the idea of having natural materials in the block area as wel. I've included your post on my weekly favorites here:



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