Sunday, February 6, 2011

T is for Trains

Children created trains with different kinds of found materials. (paper tubes, Styrofoam packaging,  plastic caps, they also used other collage materials)   The children created the train tracks by using black rectangle construction paper and different types of collage materials (craft sticks, q tips, pipe cleaners, packing peanuts) they also embellished their project with white chalk.

Train prints.  Use different items so that the children can create their own train by making prints with different objects.  (sponges, old spools, corks, forks)

Engine On The Track

Here is the engine on the tracks. (hold up thumb)

Here is the coal car, just in back. (pointer)

Here is the box car to carry freight. (middle)

Here is the mail car. Don’t be late. (ring)

Way back here at the end of the train. (little)

Rides the caboose through the sun and rain.

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