Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mail is in the Air

With valentines around the corn the children have been really interested in sending cards and mail to their friends and staff in the office.  To help them with this experience we set up a post office by the writing area. 
We included ink pads with stamps so that they could cancel out the postage as it came through the post office.  We add a balance scale so the children could weigh the mail before they delivered it.

We placed out different colored house boxes with address so that the children had to sort and mail the mail to the right address.  We have 3 house boxes (yellow, blue and purple).

The children had to deliver the mail (yellow, blue and purple mail) to the right address, by placing the mail in the right colored boxes.

To keep the learning fun going we made an area outside that they could continue the mailing things to their friends.
Making Learning Fun

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