Thursday, February 3, 2011

Letter and Letter Sound Train Game

This week we played a new game called letter sound train game.

A group of 4 children sat down at the carpet area and each child started out with the engine of the train.  In the middle of the group were box cars with the letters written on each one, I made 4 letter cards for each letter.  The letters that I chose were ones that we have been working on and are introducing them to this month. (Bb, Cc, Rr, Ee, Ss, Tt).  I created a letter dice with these letters on each side.  I used a 6” X 6” mailing box.  We also placed small items that would start with each letter sound.  For example (Bb, boy, bee, ball, bat).

Each child took a turn rolling the dice. The group identified the letter and then found the letter card that matched the letter rolled. If the next child rolled the dice and it was a letter that they had a letter card for then they had to identify the letter sound and then each child found an item that started with that letter sound and placed it above the letter train card. The children continued the game until all the letter cards and items had been placed on their trains.

This game turned out to be a big hit all the children wanted to take turns playing the game with one another.

Pattern for the letter train


abc button

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