Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bernard Super Cuts Salon

We have turned our dramatic play area into a beauty salon

The children took turns being the beautician and the customer
Wash Station
We turned the kitchen sink into the hair washing station.  We had empty bottles of shampoo and conditioner and small towels that the children could wrap around their heads just like at the salons.
Drying Station 
We turned two bowls upside down and taped them to dry erasable board and placed two chairs under each one.
Waiting Area 
On the small table between the chairs we have hair magazines that they can look through before they have their hair done.
Receptions Desk 
This area if for making appointments and paying for products and services
Manicure Station 
The children used water color paints to paint one another finger nails.   
Shelves of Items to be used in the Bernard Super Cuts Salon

Price List 
Let the fun begin 


  1. This is exceptionally adorable! I love all the small details you put into this. :)

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