Friday, September 30, 2011

Math Fun with Spider

Spiders are a fun way to get children interested in counting and playing fun math games. 
How Many Spiders
With these spider cards make copies onto card stock and laminate for durability.  Let children pick a card and have them identify how many spiders are on their card.  Once they have identified the amount have them write that number in the square with a dry erasable marker. 
Spider Addition Math Mats
With these math cards, set out a supply of small spider counters and dry erasable markers.  Give each child a math mat, one dice and one dry erasable marker.  Have children roll the dice and identify the number on the dice.  Next have the children count out that number of spiders and place them in one of the spider web.  Once the children have placed their spiders on the spider web with the right amount of spiders have them roll their dice again and do the same thing with the second spider web.  Once both of the spider webs are full have them add the two together and write the amount in the square.
Laminate the math cards so that the children can write and wipe on them.
For more spider math fun go to Teachers Pay Teachers and get the whole 47 page booklet Math Fun with Spiders.
Your students will be counting and recognizing the numbers 1-20 before you know it with these fun spider math centers.
Spider Number Cards 1-15
Spider Number Pocket Chart Story
Number Pattern Pocket Chart Cards or Calendar
Spider Math Grid Boards
Spider Counting Cards 1-20
Spider math addition cards
Say It, Count It, Write It Math Mat
Number Recognition and Order Numbers 1-20
Writing Numbers 1-20

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