Saturday, September 10, 2011

Learning All About Me

It is the time of the year that we learn all about our selves and those around us.  We started our unit off with the song Mat Man by Handwriting With Out Tears. 

Mat Man 
Each child had their own set of pieces to use with the song mat man

We did this project as one of our small group activities.  The children wanted to do it over and over again.
Mirror Drawing 
In the writing area we set up a row of dress-up mirrors along with dry erasable markers.  The children were able to trace around their own image and add the detail unique to them.
Plate Faces 
Paper Bag Puppets 
Writing Area Bulletin Board 
You can find all of these ideas and more in the All About Me and Me Lesson Plan Theme packet on Teacher Pay Teachers for $5.75.

Here is what comes in the Lesson Plan Theme Pack
All About Me Lesson Plan is 85 pages long.  This lesson is filled with ideas that are sure to spark the interest of all children in your classroom.  This lesson covers all learning domains for preschool children.  This lesson including: Story Extension, Math Games, Science Activities, Creative Art Project, Language and Literacy Activities and Movement Ideas.

This plan includes:

Word Wall Cards
Bingo Game
Writing Cards
16 page Early Reader When I Grow Up
 And that’s not all
When I Grown Up Bingo Game                 When I Grow Up Writing Practice Card
Sample Pages*Note Mat Man Activity can not be found in this lesson if you are interested in the activities go  Handwriting Without Tears 

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