Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Keeping Big Books Organized

Have you ever reached down to get a big book from the big book holder and can’t find it?  By the time you find the book you were looking for all the children have lost interest and are now poking the friends next to them.  All you can hear is teacher, teacher Johnny pocked me.  You look up from the book rack and see the children rolling around and you throw up your hands and say story time can wait, let’s do a movement song instead.  I hope I am not the only one that this has ever happened to.
My solution to the big book dilemma is
1.)  Don’t keep all your big books in the rack
2.)  Mark each section of the rack so when you are look for a math book you can just look in the section marked math.  I used painter masking tape so that it comes off easily and on top of the masking tape I used a label maker sticker.

My section are marked like this
·         ABC Books
·         Math Books
·         Kids Favorite (2 sections for this)
·         Theme Books (for the theme I am working on)
·         Curriculum Books (We have a curriculum that we use and it comes with big books)

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