Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Big Red Barn

Big Red Barn Big Book

The children created their own Big Red Barn.  They even added their own barn yard animals.


Big Dog...Little Dog (Beginner Books(R))
Today we read the book Big Dog...Little Dog (Beginner Books(R)). After reading the story we measured each child using yarn. We had the children go around the room finding something that they where bigger than and something that they where smaller than. Once they found something then they reported back to one of the teacher and we dictated what each child said. At group we had each child come up and tell about what they found that was smaller or bigger than they were. Once they reported we put their yarn up on butcher paper with their picture.

Once the activity was done we place different types of measuring tapes in the math area so that the children could continue with experimenting with measurement.

                                                              More measurement activities

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Snail Trails

Making Snail Trails
We used water colors so that it would not hurt the snails.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Birdies in a Nest

Making the Nest

The children made their own nest using different items. First they chose their base (Egg carton tops, apple dividers, scrap foam, paper plates and egg carton bottoms). Next they painted the base with glue paint (mix equal parts of white glue to paint). After the children painted the base of their nest they placed nest making items (yarn, sticks, moss, cotton balls, horse hair, leaves, and colored shredded paper) on their glue paint.
Finished Nest
Making the Bird

Children chose how to make their bird. We sat out different items that could be made into a bird. (paper tubes, sections of egg cartons, sections of apple dividers, small boxes and small paper cups) They painted the base of the bird with glue paint and then created their bird using feathers, wiggle eyes, buttons and orange triangles.
Finished Bird

Finished Bird in Nest

Remember it is the process not the product.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Blooming Trees

All the trees are blooming in our area so we took the day to create blooming trees.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blooming Tree Dice Game

Make a copy of a tree onto construction paper and laminate for durability. Get a supply of craft flowers in a variety of colors. (pictured scrapbooking flowers) Have child roll a dice and identify the number on the dice, next have the child count out the number of flowers to match the number on the dice. Once child has the right amount of flowers have child place the flowers onto the tree. When tree is full of flowers child is done. With this dice game all children are winners.

If you need to challenge some children have them use two dice and add them together, once child has added the two dice together have child count out that many flowers and place them on the tree.

You can also use different styles of dice.


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