Friday, September 30, 2011

Math Fun with Spider

Spiders are a fun way to get children interested in counting and playing fun math games. 
How Many Spiders
With these spider cards make copies onto card stock and laminate for durability.  Let children pick a card and have them identify how many spiders are on their card.  Once they have identified the amount have them write that number in the square with a dry erasable marker. 
Spider Addition Math Mats
With these math cards, set out a supply of small spider counters and dry erasable markers.  Give each child a math mat, one dice and one dry erasable marker.  Have children roll the dice and identify the number on the dice.  Next have the children count out that number of spiders and place them in one of the spider web.  Once the children have placed their spiders on the spider web with the right amount of spiders have them roll their dice again and do the same thing with the second spider web.  Once both of the spider webs are full have them add the two together and write the amount in the square.
Laminate the math cards so that the children can write and wipe on them.
For more spider math fun go to Teachers Pay Teachers and get the whole 47 page booklet Math Fun with Spiders.
Your students will be counting and recognizing the numbers 1-20 before you know it with these fun spider math centers.
Spider Number Cards 1-15
Spider Number Pocket Chart Story
Number Pattern Pocket Chart Cards or Calendar
Spider Math Grid Boards
Spider Counting Cards 1-20
Spider math addition cards
Say It, Count It, Write It Math Mat
Number Recognition and Order Numbers 1-20
Writing Numbers 1-20

Sample Images

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Spider Fine Motor Skills

Here are some free resources to help with those fine motor skills and what better way to do it then with spiders. 

Spider Cutting Skills
Have children cut on the line and stop at the spider.
Write Skills Work Sheets 
Have the children draw on the dotted line to the spider web.  You can make copies or you can laminate and use with dry erasable markers.
Original Clipart is by Lettering Delights

Spider Cutting Skills Work Sheet

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Packed with Apples

This is the time of the year that I just love.    
Seeing children picking apples off trees or even just the branches that are brought in for them to be able to pick their own apples and observe how they hang from the tree.

Watching them make apple sauce by peeling apples with an apple peeler corer and then being able to pull the apple apart and into a bowl

I love smelling apple sauce cooking in the classroom on that day it smells of apple pie

And the children can not wait to be able to dig in and try it
I love to see their version of an apple made out of paper bags and paint or cut paper and glue
I love to see their excitement that they have their own life size tree in their classroom with their apples on it 
I love to see their ideas form that they need to make leaves for the tree because apple trees have leave and how they where going to do it 
I love to see them doing projects over and over just because they want to 
Find more ideas go to the Theme Pack Packed with Apples Lesson Plan Ideas on Teachers Pay Teachers

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Plan Time Classroom Management Tip

In our class we do a plan, do, review.   Here is what our planning time looks like.  After our morning circle we have work time or you might call in center time, before the children leave the group area we let them know what is happening in the areas which is written on the white board along with how many children can be in each area.  As the children tell us where they are going and what they are going to do in that area we tally each child’s answer.  This allows them and us to see how many children have already chosen an area and to see what is still open.   
By having planning time it helps the children know what they are headed to do and what they are going to do when they get there.  Children will not be left wondering around the room and finding out things to do that might not be what is expected of them.   

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Keeping Big Books Organized

Have you ever reached down to get a big book from the big book holder and can’t find it?  By the time you find the book you were looking for all the children have lost interest and are now poking the friends next to them.  All you can hear is teacher, teacher Johnny pocked me.  You look up from the book rack and see the children rolling around and you throw up your hands and say story time can wait, let’s do a movement song instead.  I hope I am not the only one that this has ever happened to.
My solution to the big book dilemma is
1.)  Don’t keep all your big books in the rack
2.)  Mark each section of the rack so when you are look for a math book you can just look in the section marked math.  I used painter masking tape so that it comes off easily and on top of the masking tape I used a label maker sticker.

My section are marked like this
·         ABC Books
·         Math Books
·         Kids Favorite (2 sections for this)
·         Theme Books (for the theme I am working on)
·         Curriculum Books (We have a curriculum that we use and it comes with big books)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Building Math Skills with Pocket Charts

When teaching about math at circle time I find that it is helpful if I use a pocket chart so that the children can be more involved in the process. Children are able to come up and move the number cards around until they are able to have them in the proper order and as they place the cards in proper order they will discover that the numbers have also created a math pattern.
Pocket charts are a sure way to engage children in learning about numbers and patterns.  These pocket chart printed number cards with a pattern sequence are an interactive way to teach children about number order and pattern 1 through 30.  With these pocket chart cards children can practice putting numbers in order and as they master putting the numbers in order they will discover that they are also creating patterns with the cards. These fun illustrated number cards are sure to make learning about numbers fun.

Patterns that are used in the fall theme number cards are (ABAB, AABB, ABC, AABAA, and AABBCC)

You can find these pocket chart number pattern cards on Teachers Pay Teachers for $2.75 the booklet includes 5 pocket chart number cards 1 - 30 that can be used during large group or for small group activities.
 Booklet Includes
Apples (ABC Pattern)
Pumpkins and Crows (AABB Pattern)
Scarecrows (ABAB Pattern)
Monsters (AABBCC Pattern)
Leaves (AABAA Pattern)


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Monster Mash Lesson Plan Theme

A new lesson is now available on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Just in time for the Halloween season. 

You will find a 62 page lesson that is packed full of ideas that will turn your classroom into a Monster Mash Ball.  This lesson is full of hands on approach at learning through play that are sure to spark the interest of all children in your classroom and give them the joy of life long learning.  This lesson will cover large group activities, small group activities, science and math activities, language and literacy actives along with creative art ideas.
You will find in this lesson:

Monster Color Bingo               Color Pocket Chart Story

Math Mats                                         Letter Matching Cards

You can find all of these ideas and more in the Monster Mash Lesson Plan Theme packet on Teachers Pay Teachers for $5.75.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bernard Super Cuts Salon

We have turned our dramatic play area into a beauty salon

The children took turns being the beautician and the customer
Wash Station
We turned the kitchen sink into the hair washing station.  We had empty bottles of shampoo and conditioner and small towels that the children could wrap around their heads just like at the salons.
Drying Station 
We turned two bowls upside down and taped them to dry erasable board and placed two chairs under each one.
Waiting Area 
On the small table between the chairs we have hair magazines that they can look through before they have their hair done.
Receptions Desk 
This area if for making appointments and paying for products and services
Manicure Station 
The children used water color paints to paint one another finger nails.   
Shelves of Items to be used in the Bernard Super Cuts Salon

Price List 
Let the fun begin 


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