Sunday, March 25, 2012

Free Bunny Dice Games

It is a bunny of a time learning numbers when you use fun dice games to motivate your little ones. 

You can download this packet of three different dice games that can be used during your math workstation or as a small group activity for free at Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook

Swing on over and download it for free.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bunny Hop Can Game

 Have your students laughing and learning with this fun bunny hop can game.  This 22 page booklet gives you 3 games in one. 

Letter Recognition and beginning sounds

Number recognition and counting

Shapes and Colors

Children identify the cards and place them on their card mats.  If a child gets a bunny hop card then the whole groups gets to do the bunny hop.

When children are able to get up and move around during learning activities, you will be able to capture their attention longer for a better learning experience

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Down on the Farm Part 3

When I work on a theme unit like this I usually spent two weeks on the subject.  I like for the children to have numerous opportunities to practice the skills in different ways.  I feel that this give each child a strong foundation to build on.

Pocket Chart Story

Bulletin Board with Cows and Sheep

The children created the clouds and green hills by finger painting and roller painting.

Creative Art Sheep

The children first made marble paintings and then used those painting to create their sheep with.

Barn Yard Addition

Thursday and Friday Daily Plan Write Up

Don’t forget that all of these ideas can be found in the Down on the Farm Theme Packet on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Down on the Farm Plan Part 2

The start of out Down on the Farm bulletin board

Roller Painted barn from the day before plan.
Construction Paper Cows

I just love how these turned out.  I get the biggest kick out of the one that looks like it is sitting.

Small Group Activities

Barn Yard Count

Barn Yard CVC Words

Down on the Farm Bingo

Daily Plans for Tuesday and Wednesday

Sunday, March 18, 2012

What I have planned for Down on the Farm Week 1

I have had several emails asking me what my daily and weekly lesson plans look like.  So I thought I would take this opportunity to post what my week might look like.

I see number pocket chart with farm animals
The children just love these kinds of activities.  First children come up and find the numbers for each line, once all the numbers have been placed children take turns reading each line of the pocket chart.

Paper bowl Hens and Chicks

This project is done during workstation time or free choice time.  Children move in and out of this activity as they wish.  I usually have the art project up for two days this gives children plenty of time to want to come and make one or two. 

 Letter sorting mats

Shard Writing (What we know about farms)

The shared writing is done as a whole group during our ABC group meeting.

Here is what Monday on Down on the Farm Unit will look like.

 You can find all of the resources in

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Free Pocket Chart Activity

Who lives on a farm? 

Pocket chart sorting activity for large group time or just to add to your science center.

You can also download them for free on Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook

Monday, March 12, 2012

Barn Yard Addition and Subtraction

I just added a Barn Yard Math Addition and Subtraction Packet to my Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook store.

Get your students adding and subtracting with these fun barn yard math mats.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Down on the Farm

I am getting ready for my farm unit and in the process I saw that I need to add some things to meet the needs of all my little ones.  So if you have purchased my Down on the Farm theme unit from TPT or Teachers Notebook go to you’re my purchases page and re-download it so that you can get the new items that I added to it.

Here is what I added

Barn Yard CVC Word Mats and Cards

1-20 Barn Yard Counting Mats

 If you are interested in the whole lesson plan bundle go to Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook to purchase the unit.
Turn your classroom into a Barn Yard Bonanza with this 112 page lesson plan. This lesson is packed full of ideas that are sure to spark the interest of all children in your classroom and give them the joy of life long learning. This lesson will cover large group activities, small group activities, science and math activities, language and literacy actives along with creative art ideas and movement ideas.

This lesson is full of hands on approach at learning through play

Lesson Includes:

Sound Word Cards
 Pocket Chart Stories
 Finger Play Songs
Flannel Board Stories
Word Wall Cards
 Writing Word Cards
Math Games

1-20 Barn Yard Counting Cards
Barn Yard CVC Word Mats

Letter Sorting Mats
Farm Yard Bingo Game
12 page early reader


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