About Me

Bits and Pieces of Me

My Personal Life- I live in California, where I reside with my supportive husband and our three wonderful children. I enjoy spending time with my husband, children, fishing, reading, crafting, and gardening. I enjoy exercising for my health of body and mind.

My Husband Thurman and Me

Justin 15, Cody 18, Brooks 22


My Professional Life-I work full time for a state funded preschool program. I am an author/illustrator of children’s picture books and write theme based lesson plans for Kids World Exploration. I have been an educator of young children for the last twenty years. I hold my Bachelor of Science Degree in Child Development, from California State University Fullerton.

My goal is to spark the interest and nurture the minds of children, parents, and teachers. To give them the same enthusiasm and enjoyment of teaching, with which I get from teaching to children. The joy of life long learning.


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