Monday, November 23, 2009

Look at what I am writing

I have been having a hard time getting some of the boys and girls interested in writing during work time (free choice). I do not believe in the drill and kill because I want children to want to learn and have fun doing it, so I started taking pictures of the children that were working in the writing area during work time. I made a book with all the children’s pictures in it and what they had told me about their drawing or writing. I then placed that book up on the writing center cabinet. I could not believe that it could be that easy to get the others involved in writing. The morning I placed that book in the area I must of taken 30 pictures of children that had never been to that area before and they were having fun. I heard all morning long “Teacher look at what I am writing.” It is now the favorite area of the classroom. It keeps me busy refilling the area but it is well worth it. It is only November and all the children can write their names and other letters, numbers and sentences! I should of done this years ago.

Alex said, "look I can write the alphabet."

Adran said, "look at all my numbers."

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