Monday, February 15, 2010

Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon

*Pajama Kids Cut out children shapes from brown grocery bags. Have children collage the cut outs with different kinds of collage material.

*Retell the story with a pocket chart. On sentence strips write Goodnight and a line that the children can fill in. Next have sentence strips with words from the book and pictures. Have the children place the words in the pocket chart next to the word Goodnight. Have the children retell the story by reading the pocket chart.

*Moon Sorting Children sort Pom Poms by size into the three different sized jars. Add tongs for building fine motor skills.

*Goodnight Moon Rhyming Basket Objects are placed in a basket (one object for each child present), and the basket is passed around the circle. As each child gets the basket, say a word (What rhymes with fun) and they pull out the object that rhymes (fun). In basket place a spoon. You can use any objects that might go with your theme study unit.

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