Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Letter Knowledge

Letter Hunt
• Children choose any 10 letters from the letter manipulatives.
• Teacher shuffles a stack of letter cards. Teacher calls out letter to the children.
• Children look to see if they have that letter, and if they do, the letter is put back in the letter tub.
• Keep playing until everyone has cleared all of their letters.

Variation: To teach letter sounds: Call out a word and have children identify the first letter of the word and see if they have that letter. Placing that letter into the tub until all letters are gone.

Letter Matching Puzzles

Letter Clips

To make these, cut a square or circle from poster board and write or use letter stickers for each letter of the alphabet around the square. Write each letter on a clothespin. Children match and clip the letter clips to the letter of the mat. These can be used to match uppercase to uppercase letters, lowercase to lowercase letters, or uppercase to lowercase letters.

*To teach letter sounds: Place stickers or clipart around the square and have the children match letter clips to the picture that have the matching beginning sounds.

Alphabet Fishing

Children take turns fishing for letters. Children identify the letter that they caught, and then find the object that begins with that letter.

Alphabet Bingo

Letter and Word Learning Center

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