Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Very Merry Un-Birthday

We have been celebrating the very merry un-birthdays in our classroom.  Here is a peek at one of our projects.
Foam Birthday Cakes
First the children work together in small groups frosting the foam cakes with puff paint.

Once the foam cakes had on their base frosting they then piped on different colored foam frosting.

We placed the foam paint into sandwich bags and snipped the corner off so that they could squeeze the paint out.

We let them dry over night after these first two stages.
The following day we had the children finish decorating their un-birthday cakes with different craft items.  (pipe cleaners, birthday candles, glitter, pompoms and colors packing peanuts)

Some of the finished Un-Birthday Cakes


  1. Oh I really like this idea - so very cute! :) A must do activity!I want to post it on my facebook page!

  2. Thank you. This project worked out really well the children cooperated very well with one another and shared like champs!



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