Sunday, October 9, 2011

You have to laugh when…

You have to laugh when you hear your co-worker calling your name and “Yelling I need your help in here.”  You walk down the hall to find her with her butt up in the air reaching between her desk and the wall.  In a soft whisper you here her say “I’m stuck.”  Once I stopped laughing which took me a few minutes.  She yells, “I’m being serious I’m stuck to a mouse trap, it’s stuck to my dog tag (name badg on a lanyard) which is stuck to the desk.”  She thought I was laughing before once she said that I laughed so hard I could not breath.  Once I started laughing she started laughing and we had a hard time composing our selves to get her unstuck.  We are talking those industrial sticky mouse traps have some serious stick to them.  It took everything I had to get her unstuck off that desk, and then what?  It stuck to me, both hands.  Nothing like a good laugh to get the day going.
Take the time to laugh with one another because, what soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul.

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