Sunday, November 27, 2011

Writers Work Station

There is no better way to get your preschool children writing than setting up a writers work station.  Providing writing opportunities with children everyday will give children the experience to move through the writing stages with ease. 

Providing mini lessons on writing topics through a shared writing experience will be the most effective method in guiding children toward writing on a specific topic.

Have a writing word wall were children are able to physically go and get words to write, will empower them to write their own words to their story.

To help with your writing work station you can go to Teachers Pay Teachers Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook and get the December Writers Work Station Packet.

 What can be found in the packet.

This is a writer’s work station packet filled with holiday themed papers and prompts that included, book making prompts, story writing prompt sheets, I can draw work sheets and 24 vocabulary and word writing cards and don’t forget a Dear Santa letter writing sheet.  

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