Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Math Fun with Snowmen

The chill is in the air and the snow is starting to blow, it is time to start making snowmen.  Here is a Math Fun Packet that is all about snowmen.

Catch A Snowflake Dice Game

Make copies of the dice game onto card stock and laminate.  Give each child a game mat and game dice.  Have the children roll the dice and identify the number on the dice.  Once they have identified the number have them find that number on the game mat and place a snowflake marker on top of that number snowflake.  Have the children keep rolling the dice until they have caught all of the snowflakes on their mat.
For children that need a challenge give them two game dice so that they have to add the two dice together and find that snowflake with the correct number.  

Math Fun with Snowmen

With this 76 page Math Fun with Snowmen your students will be counting and recognizing the numbers 1-20 before you know it with these fun snowmen math centers.  Not only will they be able to count but they will be gaining knowledge about shapes, colors, size and pattern with this math pack that is packed full of ideas for workstations and small group activities.

This Packet Includes
How Many Snowflakes
Snowman Math Cards
Say It, Count It, Write It Snowmen Math Mats
Catch A Snowflake Dice Game
Snowman Button Number Mats
Winter Pattern Cards
Number Recognition and Order Numbers
Writing Numbers 1-20
Snowman Shape and Color Match
Snowman Shape Color Bingo
Snowball Sorting
Same and Different Cards
Math Journal Prompts
Snowman Color Matching Cards

            Teachers Notebook

Coming Soon Language Literacy and Art Fun with Snowmen


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