Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ferns Music For Kids

Angels Are Out with You Today! is a CD by Ferns Music; this is a collection of songs that are calming and gentle for children.

Angels Are Out with You Today! Is a wonderful CD to play for those calming times.  We use this CD as we come in from outside play; children lie on the floor and listen to music to calm them down, so that they are ready to learn.
This CD also comes with the instrumental versions of all songs.  The children love to have these versions of the songs played especially "Happy Dance" while they dance with ribbons and scarves.

To learn more about Ferns Music for Kids visit her Web Site
Fern’ mission is to teach children to love one another through music.  With a degree in both Elementary and Music Education matched with an undying passion for children’s music, this former preschool director has dedicated her musical career to being an advocate for kindness, respect, and inspiring creativity in children.

Fern’s lively, toe-tapping music is most often compared to that of Shari Lewis and Raffi, and her Christmas album has even been recognized by USA TODAY!


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