Friday, August 31, 2012

Daily Helper

Our daily helper board is an important part of our day.  It is a way to get children to recognize each other's names and to get children activity involved in the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose children for the daily helper?
The first week of school each child made a face plate.  These face plates were then turned into a face and name book.

Each day we turn the page to see who's face is next.  We talk about that child's name, what letter does it start with, what letter sound does it make, and  how many letters are in the name.  We then put that child's name at the top of the helper board and the other names move down.

Where do you keep your face book?  
It hangs in our group time area.  Right above the daily helper pocket chart.

Do you have a name strip for each student?
No, the sentence strips are laminated and I write the children's names on with a erasable marker.

What are your daily helpers?
I have a calendar helper - This helper comes up and finds the next number that needs to go up on the calendar.

Days of the week helper - This helper tells us what today, yesterday and tomorrow will be.  Go to Days of the Week Freebie to see what that looks like. 

Lunch Count Helper - This helper bring the lunch count to the office to be called in.  When they go in they have to tell the office lady how many lunches we need. 

Line Leader

Lilly Letter Lady Helper-  This helper gets to come up during our alphabet time and use the Lilly Letter Lady puppet.  They have to find the letter of study in an alliteration that is written on the board.  So if we are looking at the letter A they have to place Lilly Letter Lady's mouth over the letters A's in the sentence. 

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  1. I love the little face book. :) I just accepted a new position in PreK after being in Kinder and love your blog. Thank you for sharing so much. :)

    Sprinkles to Kindergarten



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