Thursday, September 27, 2012

Book Nook Makeover

I have been going through my classroom learning centers by learning centers and making them over.  I just finished making over


Here is what our book nook now looks like.  

For starters I moved the book nook area to a whole new spot in the classroom.  As it turns out it is the perfect spot for it. 

 We were able to add a Kaplan privacy cube in the corner and decorated it with a top curtain. 

We add a shelf to form a whole corner area.  Instead of using plastic containers on the shelf we placing basket to hold the books in.  This gave the area a more calming feel.

The white can bucket holds stuffed animals for reading buddies.

 To finish off the area we added a small flannel board for the children to retell stories on.

I love the new look of our book nook.


  1. Love it! My reading area needs a re-do. can you tell me more about your privacy cube?

  2. We purchased the cube through Kaplan learning materials. I placed in an area where children could go to get some alone time. When you have a large class size sometimes you little ones need a little alone time.

    To make the cube more cozy I placed a bathroom rug inside along with a very large very soft cozy pillow dog. To make it a little more eye applying I added a edge trim to the outside of the box by simple hot gluing it to the cube.

  3. Where did you get your sofas?



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